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  • K-live ,Hologram Concert
  • Hologram Concert
    A fantastic stage combining dance performances and
    K-pop star concerts
    The K-live hologram concert is designed to involve audiences into the performance with fun stories before the beginning of the hologram performance of the K-pop artists. The brilliant media facade images covering 270 degrees provide plenty to see and enjoy. The dynamic inner walls of the hologram concert hall open during the performance, and the 14.2 channel surround sound system that rivals any concert hall, brilliant lighting and lasers, fog, dynamic photos and other special effects surround viewers with the cheerful energy of K-pop, novel digital technologies, and a fantastic sense of space.

    Hologram concert The veil rises on the stage, and the artists appear in front of your eyes as if for real, accompanied by vivid K-pop melodies!! Whatever you see in front of your eyes, believe it! You're now captivated by the hologram show. To create fantastic performances like real life, artists were filmed multiple times in front of a blue screen. Each image was corrected and processed with computer graphics by the production staff. Lighting reflected by the carefully made hologram images make the images seem three-dimensional. The images embody the experience and know-how of the installation engineers, and use high-resolution media devices.

    Now then, are you ready to see the magic of the hologram concert with your own eyes?
  • Dongdaemun Market - 24hr Night market
  • Dongdaemun Market is a large commercial district comprised of traditional markets and shopping centers that covers the entire area around Dongdaemun (Gate), a prominent landmark in Korea. It is Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district featuring 26 shopping malls, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. All kinds of goods can be found here including silks and fabric, clothes, shoes and accessories, electronics, leather goods, sporting goods, office supplies, pet products and toys.

    Not your everyday shopping experience

    Although Dongdaemun Market is traditionally famous for its night market, this popular shopping district attracts hordes of shoppers and tourists at all times of day. Like Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun market sells a variety of products, but unlike Namdaemun Market, it is open 24-hours a day. The powerful appeal of Dongdaemun Market stems from the fact that you can buy everything you need at a reasonable price, in one convenient location and at anytime. Most major wholesalers and retailers are here along with specialist outlets focusing on the youth market, making Dongdaemun Market the best place to find the latest fashions at bargain prices. Dongdaemun’s famous food alley, Mukja Golmok, is also essential for anyone wanting to check out the latest trends in Korean cuisine.

    In addition to selling everything under the sun, large shopping malls such as Good Morning City and Freya add an extra dimension to the shopping experience with their own multiplex cinemas, while Doota features a huge outdoor concert hall hosting a range of events including outdoor fashion shows, concerts, modeling contests and classical Korean music for tourists.
  • Hot Place 'Hapjeong' & 'Sangsu'
  • As rents in the popular Hongdae club district ( in front of Hongik University) continue to increase, the arts, culture, and nightlife scene of this dynamic neighborhood is expanding to newer, less-frequented locales.
    One such locale is the
    Sangsu-dong district, dominated by the massive Seoul Gas Thermal Power Station (formerly the Dangin-ri Power Station), a fixture of the Seoul cityscape for the last 81 years. The alleyways around this still largely commercial and industrial district are filling up with trendy cafés, clubs, and cultural spaces, resulting in an atmosphere simultaneously gritty and sophisticated. The urban scenery makes for some pleasant walks, too.
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